Candles Recharge is your one-stop wholesale supplier of LED Flameless Tea Light Candles!

Weddings Planners & Suppliers, Florists, Event Company Planners & Suppliers, Beauty Suppliers, Hospitality Suppliers and Home Decor Suppliers & Shops we are your perfect partner for High Quality LED Flameless Candles in Australia and any where in the world.

We are able to supply your business with the Highest Quality Flameless LED Tea Light Candles that are available. For example:

  • LED Battery Tea Light Candles
  • LED Rechargeable Candle sets of 4 or 12
  • Submersible LED Battery Tea Light Candles
  • Floating LED Battery Tea Light Candles
  • Candle Holders

Tell us what YOU need!

We are ALWAYS open to working with businesses and individuals who are looking for an Australian based wholesale supplier of LED Flameless Candles. The advantages of partnering with us as your wholesale supplier are numerous. But to name just a few things:

  1. You will be dealing with someone who understands you 100%
  2. Dealing with manufactures can be confusing and at times frustrating. By letting us be your wholesale supplier we take the headache out of things, making your life easier.
  3. We stand by our products, and only offer the best. If you need to return anything you are dealing with a local office in your time zone that speaks your language.
  4. You are dealing in Australian dollars, so no need to bother with exchange rates.
  5. As your local wholesale supplier we will not leave you hanging in the wind. And we will ensure that you get your ENTIRE ORDER.

We often get calls from customers who are looking for our professional quality flameless LED tea light candles in local stores and we would love to be able to point them to you as a locally based retailer of our products so they can come in and buy them from you.

There are minimum order quantities required to qualify for Wholesale, and they must be for resale only- not personal use. 

We do also work with those who would like to have the products drop shipped directly to your customer- Minimum pre-purchase quantities required. We like this method as it is more Eco-conscious as there is less packaging and travel for the products.

So if you are interested in us being your one-stop wholesale supplier in Australia, New Zealand or anywhere else in the world of Flameless LED candles, then Contact Us today to discuss your needs and what products you are needing!