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DIY Pressed Flower Wax Paper Lanterns

DIY wax paper luminaries tutorial

This is a fantastic tutorial for pressed flower wax paper lanterns that I found on A Practical Wedding. If you know how to measure, cut, and iron, you can make these. This gives off such a pretty and delicate look that I am sure that there are many of you other there that will just […]

How To: DIY Moroccan Tea Light Candle Holders

How To DIY Moroccan Glass Flameless Candle Holders

How To: DIY Moroccan Tea Light Candle Holders Let’s face it, a big part of the ambiance that we enjoy from lit candles are the holders that we put them into. Candle holders can be an accentuating aspect of your decor scheme even without the candles being lit from within them. And do I have […]

6 Reasons Why Flameless Tea Light Candles Are Awesome!

Flameless tea light candles have no heat, no smoke and no fire so they are 100% safe.

We can 100% sympathize with you that sometimes you simply can’t replace traditional wax tea light candles, however there are many occasions where using flameless LED tea light candles can be a preferable alternative. We have 6 of those reasons below; you may have already thought of them, but there are probably some reasons that […]

DIY Candle Holder Tutorial: Faux Birch Candle Lantern

DIY tutorial: faux birch candle holders

DIY Candle Holder Tutorial: Faux Birch Candle Lantern             This great idea and tutorial comes courtesy of  Lucy at CraftBerryBush, how creative Lucy is that she has seen these holders and then through her own smarts have then created this fantastic tutorial so you can recreate them too! They are […]

Are You Aware There May be Toxins in Your Candles?

The dangers of scented candles

Do you use conventional candles in your home or business premises? Perhaps you use them to spread a pleasant aroma throughout your home, restaurant or beauty spa. The effect is indeed very pleasing, creating an ambience and atmosphere conducive of romance, or simply a mellow warmness inside. The bad news is that you could be […]