Using Rechargeable Tea Light Candles In Your Australian Restaurant, Bar, Hotel, or Nightclub Premises Simply Makes Sense

If you are in the hospitality industry in Australia, then you know the value of having a warm and welcoming atmosphere within your business premises. Take a restaurant, bar or hotel, for example. They all benefit from a mellow, relaxed ambiance, and there’s nothing quite as good at achieving that than the warm, gentle glow of candles.

Candles Recharge supplies 57 Hotel with commercial quality rechargeable candles

Traditional wax candles can be problematic in service industry premises. If they are made from paraffin wax, they will emit poisonous fumes – not the kind of thing you would want your customers breathing in.


Remote controlled flameless rechargeable tea light candles are your answer. They are virtually indistinguishable from wax candles, especially if they are placed in frosted glass holders. The LED light is the same intensity as the real thing, and they even have a realistic flicker effect.

Flameless electric tea light candles can be used in virtually any type of candle holder

Rechargeable tea light candles have no mess to clean up, and because they are flameless, they present no fire risk either. That can only be good for your insurance cover. Rechargeable candles last for a long time (minimum of 500 recharges), which means that they will save you money. They save you time too, especially if you use our remote control. Lighting all your electric candles can be as easy as clicking a single button.

Professional quality remote control rechargeable tea light candle set of 12

My commercial grade candles come in two popular colours. You can have an amber glow, or a warm white light. Each one can flicker, just like the real thing or have a steady glow – it’s completely up to you. There’s no heat, no fumes and no mess.

Amber or Warm White Rechargeable Tea Light Candles in Holder

Surely it’s time you started using rechargeable tea light candles in your hospitality business premises.

Our commercial grade rechargeable candles are the perfect solution for your hospitality business. Make every day & year ‘Earth Hour’ by swapping to our flameless electric candles. Visit our Savings Calculator to see just how much money could be put back in your pocket by switching to our rechargeable tea light candles today!